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Hello, I’m Dante

Virtual Executive Assistant




 I am a freelance virtual executive assistant who is proficient in handling administrative projects, including but not limited to: document creation, data entry, and social media management. Can work one-on-one with small to midsize businesses to provide flexible and affordable administrative support.

How I Can Help

Email Marketing

Content creation, design, improve deliverability, drive sales. Experience with all major SaaS email marketing companies.

Social Media

Design, post, create campaigns. Not sure how to utilize social media and too busy to figure it out? I’ve got this.

Manage & Maintain Calendar

Optimizing, scheduling, meeting coordination. Save time, and focus on what’s important.

Customer Service

Professional customer focused interactions that go above and beyond every time.

Research & Organize Data

Let me be your data detective. Need a presentation or one-sheet. No problem.

Travel Coordination

Custom interaries. Location scouting. Travel coordination with your unique needs and budget in mind.

Avoid burnout and pay greater attention to what matters

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Dante is an amazing proactive supportive human! I have known Dante for well over a decade in lots of capacities and I was thrilled to be able to hire him and have him work with us! He's great at being on time and letting me know what he could and could not get done. He's a very get it done kinda person that I appreciated a great deal. I'm sure he'll be an asset to any team he chooses.

Briana Cavanaugh, CEO @ Bliss Your Biz

I have been consistently impressed with Dante's professionalism, integrity, and work ethic. He goes above and beyond expectations, and his passion for his work is contagious. Dante is a reliable and trustworthy individual who takes full ownership of his responsibilities and delivers results with unwavering commitment.

Christine De La Rosa, CEO @ The People’s Ecosystem


Working with Dante is such a relief. He’s well organized, skilled, and a calming presence. He was already equipped to help in so many ways, and quick to learn when the task was new to him. Hiring Dante will make your project better and your life easier!

Angel Adeyoha, Executive Director @ Folsom Events

Save time, money & stress with remote virtual assistance

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